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Tall red grass
Tall red grass

Coming in to work this morning I noticed, maybe for the first time, a planter full of tall red grass encircled by bright yellow marigolds.

The sky is now blue and the air warm, but this morning was grey and crisp and a cool wind tossed the air back and forth like a kitten with a ball. It was a brief and refreshing reminder that fall is on its way.

In the breezy early hours the tall, red, wheat-like grass danced around so elegantly it called for an audience. It’s Monday, however, and most urbanites are hurrying off to begin their work week, too busy too stop and watch the long lean leaves sway to a silent song.

 I was unusually early this morning, and in no hurry at all. So the red grass had an adoring audience of one. As I stood admiring the beauty and grace before me I felt so fortunate. I quietly thanked the plants for their loveliness, the city planner for the container, the landscaper for the combination of colors and heights, and coordinated set of circumstances that brought me to that moment in time.

 Life truly is grand.


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birthday cake_stockMy very first post on ISpyJoy.com was one year ago today.   Creating a space to affirm and share all the places joy is found became my temple, my place to worship and appreciate this amazing life. It has played a vital role in my journey toward happiness.

When I’ve needed nudging, this site has served as a reminder of my commitment to purposely look for and feel the joy that is available at every moment.  It’s my touchstone.

Today, and everyday, I am grateful for this gift I have given myself.

Happy birthday.  …And many more.

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I got a few emails after this last ezine with links to some great websites focused on joy, happiness and good news.  Thank you for spreading joy!

Joyce Arbeene sent in a link to a wonderful story about a couple celebrating their 81st wedding anniversary. Frank Milford, 101, and his wife, Anita, 100, were married on May 26, 1928. They are currently the longest-married couple in the United Kingdom.  The story was written up in the Daily Mail and posted on a wonderful website, Good News Now.  Do yourself a favor and bookmark Good News Now so you can check it every few days for a boost of real news that’s positive and affirming.  Thanks for sharing, Joyce!

For anyone living in the Portland, Oregon area, Delaram sent in a link to a fabulous summer camp for kids: Spiritual Virtues Summer Camp.  The Bahá’í Community of Beaverton and New Thought Center for Spiritual Living (NTCSL) are joyful co-sponsors of a Spiritual Virtues Summer Camp for children ages 4 – 12.  Take a look at what they’re doing.  Thanks, Delaram!

And Carol McKeag(aka my mom) has been forwarding me some ezines from Unleash Gratitude.  I believe we often find what we’re looking for, and if you look for things to be grateful for, you’ll find life is full of joy and wonder.  Thanks, mom!

Joy lives!  Go find it.

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Drawing_taryn sm

When a friend and co-worker gave me two homemade peanut butter chocolate chip cookies one morning following a particularly challenging day, I was absolutely elated. If she hadn’t stood up to hug me I would have sat in her lap and given her a squeeze that may well have knocked all the wind out of her. This small but meaningful gesture gave me such joy for hours, long after I devoured those fabulous bits of heaven.

 It actually took me off guard; how much pleasure I found in those cookies and the warm and nurturing thoughts behind them.  Then, a day later, my daughter brought me, unsolicited, a beautiful drawing she’d just completed. “See mama, these are the clouds, and the sky and the sun.  And some flowers, and here’s me.  I drew it for you.”  My heart melted and there it was again – that deep, deep gratitude for a small and meaningful gesture.

That’s when it occurred to me to make a list of the little things that make their way instantly to the center of me and bubble up a smile that then sends ripples of gratitude so tangible I can just almost see them.  These moments of gratitude, of appreciation – that’s joy.  To be aware of and appreciate the moment and what’s happening in it is pure, simple, golden joy.  It lives.  And it spreads, if you let it.


The List…a beginning

1) chocolate chip peanut butter cookies homemade by a friend

2) picture drawn by my daughter

3) nice meal cooked by my 

4) good wine shared at a table

5) a quick reply from a friend

6) slobbery kiss from my dog

7) a genuinely kind word

8)  hay rides

9)  pumpkin patches

10)  playing board games with the family

11)  tying up loose ends

12)  eliminating clutter

13) morning coffee on a sunny deck

14) conversation with my kids

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